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Paid advertising on social media is the ultimate platform for a precise target to reach its objectives based on a researched persona.

It’s the need of the hour for targeted marketing.

If you take the services of Blue Miles, we will run Paid social ads with increased control over audience targeting. This will help in targeting the most valuable customers along with a remarkable brand presence across a number of social channel feeds.

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Paid social media advertisements help in the extension of outreach and enhanced brand exposure, along with brand promotion and being in command of the latest probabilities.

Using Offline Data from CRM

We also study and extract CRM data with the tracking pixel to determine the Omni-channel attribution of the campaigns that will help in targeting offline clients through online channels


The next step is to classify the brand persona on levels of either interest or behavior so as to target the user base. After doing this, we create a pathway to target the areas for maximum gains and returns.

Applying creativity

We think ahead of your competitor. We analyze our campaigns with A-B trials to reach the target audience at the correct time with the correct message. This helps your brand retain its top spot.

Follow schedule and Analyse results

We use KPIs so as to ensure that we reach the goals on time. We track social outcomes beyond social engagement and continuously optimizing for an ROI that speaks for itself.

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At Blue Miles, we help you expand your business with increased and relevant traffic on your websites and other platforms.