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Making Your Social Media Campaigns Sky High for your competitors

Being a social media agency, we understand the nitty-gritty of how the customers interact on social media, their taste, and timings. The absence of effective social media advertising, as we know can severely affect your digital marketing campaign, because people nowadays don’t trust a brand if they are not on social media. They judge a brand by the social media posts. So one needs to up his game on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Build Campaign

Call us immediately to hire us to set up your social media accounts irrespective of your business goals. Leave complete social media management to us. Our experience in this field will help you identify your target audience and connect with them via social media. This will run your online business or local business successfully.

Would you like us to manage your Social Media Page?

Campaign Strategizing

At Blue Miles, we carry productive brainstorming sessions to plan out the best campaign strategy. We map out the specifics of the target audience thoroughly from the starting to the end of the campaign. Later, we carry out its analysis post the run for the campaign. The campaign strategies used by Blue Miles connect the dots between online conversations and serious growth in leads. Moreover, the main purpose of building trust gets fulfilled.

Social Media Presence

At Blue Miles, we are thorough with the rules and regulations of social media platforms. Over the years we have demonstrated proficiency in using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat. We have cracked the methodology of navigating through the social media network, which helps brands frame their online presence. We regularly keep track of relevant breakthroughs and thus modify them to suit the campaigns accordingly.

Advertising on Social Media

Our team members are well versed in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and we advertise brands to generate maximum traffic by using boost social media posts, PPCs, and CPCs as per B2C or B2B requirements. The pathway of Blue Mile is targeting the right kind of audience on changing the demographics based on the target audience, age group, location, or gender, thereby, boosting popularity and building brand awareness.

Calendar Planning

We maintain weekly and monthly calendars prior to the launch of the campaigns so that all the social media posts are live according to schedule.

Performance Tracking

The Social Media team at Blue Mile ensures that the data gathered and assimilated by analytical tools is accurate for each platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. As per the needs of each brand, the overall performance report of any given social media campaign is condensed into daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Customized Creatives

Behind each and every social media post is our graphic designers coordinate with our social media team into executing customized creative. The post has to be as per the social media copy anchored around the discerning creatives. Our social media team and set of graphic designers work in tandem with each other and thereby, delivering skillfully designed creatives.