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Our well-researched SEO strategy is due to our years in the business. Our team, experienced in the market uses technical optimization formulae, content optimization techniques, and domain authority building in order to improve the site’s performance.

In our well-defined process, we first create a detailed plan based on a thorough, site and market review. We know that if tech changes were so simple, then any client of ours would not have come to us, rather he would have done it yourself. We carry the load of creating the highest impact on SEO, with minimal changes. Improving the Organic search results remains our target, and since we are a professional SEO agency, we strive day and night to create a well-prioritized SEO improvement roadmap. Our strategies are not built on hit and trial method, rather we understand the pattern of changing search engine algorithms.

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Technical SEO

Tech SEO works on the crawl, index, and renders models, which is a role by itself. It contains rich SEO toolsets to deal with website complexity where user experience, user interaction improvement are given priority. Call to action buttons, redesigning Landing pages all come under this discipline. Blue Miles team does this by carrying out extensive SEO audit to understand your website and your needs and help you technically make the website search engine friendly.

Search Engine Optimisation especially for mobile is quite important. And there’s no doubt about it because of the humongous number of people out there using phones. The challenge of Mobile search optimization is to make lighter HTML pages (AMP pages) yet with attractive designs, fast page loading, mobile responsive site. Also, localized search results, higher visitor retention rates, and reduced bounce rates are required. Online search Mobile SEO journey is an endless process, ever-evolving from the web to mobile search. Here’s another form of optimization coming which is a paradigm shift- voice search.

Mobile Search

Local Search

The strategy for local and global SEO is completely different. SEO for local search is completely a different game than what a global SEO agency does. Local search optimization is fast becoming the catalyst for Online and local business growth. In our Local SEO package three categories of services are given- AMP carousel, featured snippets, and last but not the least schemas generated rich snippets for reviews and ratings.